Boost your vacancy

01Achieve more

Few fish in your pond?
Then fish in our ocean!

At HeadCount we pull out all the stops and we refuse to focus merely on job descriptions. The result: 76% of our vacancies are successfully filled within 3 weeks.

02 Relax more

Leave it to us.
The choice is yours.

HeadCount gives your search that much-needed extra push, whilst safeguarding your reputation as an employer. Honest candidate feedback is invaluable to your employer branding.

03 Get more

You are not just employing a cv, you are employing an attitude.

HeadCount showcases the right message to the right people via the most appropriate channels. Our well-thought-out strategy allows us to reach even the most elusive of talents in a way you never thought possible.

Looking for a strong profile? Sometimes all you need is a light approach, while other times a full service is a better idea. Tell us a little more about your vacancy and we’ll come up with the best solution for you.

Online Recruitment Toolbox

Choose your tools and reach the right candidates with a strong message from day 1.

  • 01Thoroughly crawls the web to find the best candidates for your vacancies
  • 02Gives you a real-time overview of all screened applications, suitability ratings and profile information
  • 03Safeguards your employer brand thanks to timely and honest client feedback
  • 04Accelerates your selection process and minimises the cost/hire ratio
Full-Service Approach

Is your ideal candidate impossible to reach and your schedule filled to the brim? Choose our fast comprehensive service.

  • 01Scans the entire candidate scene and also approaches hard-to-reach profiles
  • 02Takes all the pressure off your back and aims for a successful outcome within less than 4 weeks
  • 03Provides innovative and fast screening based on competences and attitudes
  • 04Offers hard guarantees and a quality commitment
Plug & Play

Find a permanent talent for your temporary project in no time.

  • 01Gets you the right professional for your unique project today
  • 02Guarantees experts in your field
  • 03Gives you access to the extensive Cronos network in the Benelux
  • 04Promises more flexibility and cost-efficiency, and less red tape