What is the key to a good relationship? Exactly: trust. Trust and consumer behavior go hand in hand: people like to buy brands they know, and so it’s no different with a job page and job postings.

Job seekers today have a lot of choice when it comes to employers. To capture their attention, the trust component is key. When you create trust, job seekers will think back to you and stop by for future job opportunities because they already have had a positive experience.

We offer some tips on how to gain and maintain trust.

Put the candidate first
Think about the users of the platform, combined with the ease of use of the website. Avoid complex processes such as the mandatory creation of an account, uploading a CV, etc. The lower the threshold, the higher the trust, which leads to active searchers returning to your website sooner.

Be transparent
Give candidates all the information they need to make a good decision. As much as you want that job opening to be filled, if candidates feel they are not being shown the full picture, you will lose their trust immediately.

Maintain contact with candidates
If you only show interest or contact someone when you need to fill a vacancy, candidates will feel like they are just a tool for you.

Maintain the relationship by contacting candidates from time to time who have registered on your job board. This makes them feel valued, keeps your candidate database fresh, and ensures that they will check back from time to time.

Don’t ‘over-promote’ a job posting
Sponsored job postings are shown more often. But make sure candidates aren’t inundated with irrelevant jobs. If candidates see the same job again and again, they will quickly lose confidence.


Classic job postings are no longer the way to reach (latent) job seekers. To let your vacancies shine online, some extra effort and inventiveness is needed.

Through HeadCount you can launch a campaign that targets based on big data and A.I. This technology finds job seekers where they are, and shows them what they want to see! Leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule an (online) meeting.