Score with the right target group

Research has proven that strong profiles value your reputation as an employer more. Reaching your target group is step one. How to convince your target group, you ask? With a strong employer brand. You gain up to 8.4 times more trust with a powerful online showcase of your company’s DNA.


Offer emotional added value

Choosing an employer is more about feelings than about reason. With the right copy, visuals and video you attract the right attitude. The result of strong content? Far more visibility and 52% more likes for your employer brand.

Career pages

Lower thresholds with lean UX

The first contact is online. Remember you only get one chance. That’s why you need low thresholds, a lean UX and a mobile-friendly environment. That way, you convert as many visitors as possible into applicants. Real talent demands a smooth flow, not friction.

Data analytics

Heartbeats powered by data

Keen to build a love brand? Then systematically monitor the behaviour and feelings of your target group. With HeadCount you opt for continuous improvement based on AI and the latest market insights. This way, your content and strategy are optimally adjusted to your target group at all times.

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