The hunt is on

Combine the most powerful job channels with rapid screening. That way, you are guaranteed to find the right talents today. WebHunter ensures maximum reach, real-time follow-up and easy online management.

WebHunter Social

New job? I like it!

A difficult truth: 20% are actively seeking a new challenge, 80% are not. With WebHunter Social, you reach not only active job seekers but also other top talents via the most popular channels. Boost your visibility on your target group’s favourite social media.


Big data, big results

Combine big data and artificial intelligence. There’s no better way to find the perfect match between your vacancies and the talents that are present online. Target your audience via the channels your desired profile is most likely to use.

Boost Pack

Impact x 2

Does your job campaign need an extra boost? With the Boost Pack, you can double the number of applicants through extreme targeting. Focus on the online behaviour of your target group for maximum impact.

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Reputation building

Strengthen your online employer brand and earn trust

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